Hors-série – Basic-fit (Anglais)

Today let’s talk about Basic-Fit. It’s a chain gym based on 5 european countries managed by personal trainers dressed in orange and black clothes. it are the colors of the gym.

To have a healthy life and a good life style, you have to complete 2 things in your life : sport and healthy food. Basic fit can help you to get the sport with the workout.

Basic-Fit can also motivate you to become an active sportman, especially with the several collaboration that they have. For exemple, with TomTom Sport. This collaboration will help people enjoy an active lifestyle.

These gyms are very convivial and we can listen to a good music at everytime. There are also a mutual aid and good atmosphere between the sportsmen which is pretty motivating when you begin.

You also have access to an idea of proximity who is, on my opinion a good added value of Basic-fit. When you subscribe Basic-Fit give you a membership card that is available on every Basic-Fit that exist. It gives the opportunity for students of travelers to get the motivation to go to the gym wherever they are. That is why i personaly have chosen basic fit as my workout gym.

And finaly if you want to get the ultimate motivation and ambition, just look at their instagram photos of the week. It shows the photo of the sportsmen that motivate the most.

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